Moretown sets tax rate: July 20, 2009

By Jane Haser, intern

The Moretown Select Board has set this year's municipal tax rate at $0.3625, a 16 percent  increase over last year's tax rate of $0.2654.

The school tax rate was set at $1.7401 for residential properties (up from $1.5475 last year) and $1.7998 for non-residential properties (up from $1.6223).

The Moretown Select Board has set the total residential tax rate at $2.10 compared to the $1.8129 from  2008. The total non-residential tax rate has been set at 2.16, up from last year's total non-residential rate of $1.88.

One reason for this increase is a need for more funding in the budget due to unanticipated legal expenditures as a result of the proposed quarry. As of June 2009, there was a need for a $5,460 balance to be paid.

Residential taxes typically account for 90 percent of Moretown taxes. Concern was raised at the Moretown Select Board meeting about the affect of the recession on residents' ability to adequately pay taxes.

Nationwide the unemployment rate has doubled since January 2009, according to select board member David Van Deusen, who highlighted  the potential increase in delinquent taxes. Last year, nine percent of taxes were delinquent.

There was discussion over the state wide education tax which is set by the state and is non-negotiable, and accounts for a significant part of this year's increase in the tax rates.

Fayston sets tax rate

The Fayston municipal tax rate was set at $0.265, down from 2008's rate of $0.28.

The combined residential and educational tax rate was set at $2.0139 for 2009, up from last year's rate of $2.008. For non-residents, the total tax rate is $2.1364, an increase from the 2008 rate of $2.0629, according to Fayston town clerk Ginny Vasseur.

For residents, the education tax rate is $1.74, up from last year's rate of $1.7280. The non-residential education tax rate was set at $1.87, up from last year's $1.7829.