At its March 9 meeting, the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board elected its new officers following the March 1 Town Meeting. Four new board members were elected at Town Meeting -- Ashley Woods of Warren, Jacqui Kelleher and Victoria Taravella of Waterbury, and Bobbi Rood of Waitsfield. Cindy Senning of Duxbury was elected to the remaining year of the term she stepped in to fill last summer. Former board chair Torrey Smith and vice chair Tim Jones did not run for reelection. Jonathan Clough and Jeremy Tretiak also did not run for reelection. Two seats have not been filled, one for Fayston and one for Duxbury.



The board elected Kristen Rogers, Moretown, to board chair and Kelly Hackett, Waterbury, to vice chair. Ashley Woods was elected to the role of finance officer and Lisa Mason, Moretown, to assistant finance officer. Bobbi Rood was elected to the position of recording secretary.


The building principals of each school in the HUUSD were named as truant officers, as has been tradition in the district. The Valley Reporter and Waterbury Reader were selected as newspapers of record for the HUUSD.