Vermont State Police pulled a truck belonging to Donald Messier, Waterbury, from the Winooski River in Duxbury on October 6 after Adventures with Partners discovered the truck the day before.


No human remains were found at the site. Messier disappeared on October 15, 2006. He was last seen at a party in Waitsfield and never made it home or returned to work. He was 34 when he disappeared and was last seen driving his red Ford F150. State police confirmed that there were personal effects in the truck.

Adventures with Purpose discovered the truck midday on October 5 and state police began searching the site that afternoon. The search continued throughout the day on Thursday and after 12 hours, the truck was pulled from the river. The site where the truck was found is along the River Road near the Duxbury Community Gardens.

Adventures with Purpose visited Vermont last year to look into the Messier case last October, searching the Waterbury Reservoir. Five team members from the organization returned to Vermont last week, searching ponds in the Mad River Valley before turning their attention to the Winooski River.

Adventures with Purpose began searching for missing persons in December 2019 and to date has located the remains of 24 missing people in vehicles in water throughout the country.