Collage of dogs of The Valley Reporter

The Valley Reporter’s full- and part-time dog workers remain hard at work helping their humans alert to the arrival of customers and the UPS/FedEx drivers.


Roxy, a golden doodle, is one of the most senior four-legged staffers at The Valley Reporter. She is a lover of scritches and an avid ball chaser. Roxy rides to work most days with her younger brother Tolly Boggis Shortwheels, a Cardigan Welsh corgi. Tolly may be short in stature but is large in personality and is very adept at communicating his needs whether it is a full bowl of water or more treats. Both pups love to spend their evenings warming themselves next to the Knight family wood stove.

Kacee Jane came to Vermont via For the Love of Dogs Vermont and splits her time between the office and her home with Pat and David Clark and her four-legged brother Nico. Kacee Jane rules her patch of office from her bed. Kacee also enjoys welcoming people to the office with a few barks. It’s a party when Nico, the border collie, comes to visit the office. Best thing is to yell Ole and and watch the fun.

Pearl Baily and Leroy Brown, German shorthair pointers, used to come to the office with Lisa Loomis, but they now work mostly from home. Eight-week-old littermates, Pepper and Chester, (also GSPs) joined Leroy and Pearl in the Loomis/DelBrocco home this February. The puppies love the office and love the car and love to terrorize the more mature dogs at the office, while spending time under the desk with a bone.

Nala and Delphi are two lovely, well-behaved ladies who come to work with Erika Nichols-Frazer. They love treats and aren’t crazy about Chester and Pepper. They’re willing to bark as needed, but not with the zeal of some other canine co-workers. When not at the office, they help Erika’s husband Dylan Frazer work from home. Both are rescues, Nala is an Australian cattle dog/red heeler mix and Delphi is a rottweiler mix.