By Lisa Loomis

Warren resident Dave Sellers has asked the town select board to allow voters to abandon the practice of electing officials via Australian ballot and also wants the board to include an agenda item calling for a vote on climate change.

Earlier this month Sellers asked the board to include both items and said that he will collect the 75 signatures needed to petition the select board to include the items should the board turn him down.

Specifically, Sellers has asked that Warren voters be given the opportunity to vote on the following: Warning: "Shall the voters of the town of Warren join with the City of Portland, OR in signing the international climate change agreement?"

His second request is for the select board to warn the following item:

"Shall the voters of the town of Warren agree to discontinue the use of Australian ballot for the town officers?"

Sellers wants to give voters at Town Meeting the opportunity to nominate candidates from the floor and then query candidates prior to voting.

"I think all The Valley towns should do the same for the climate vote and Fayston already votes from the floor and Waitsfield would be smart to include it as well so the voters get to hear and challenge the candidates as has been the case for 200 years until half the towns went for the Australian ballot. Sixty-two towns in Vermont vote from the floor and 125 towns have a hybrid system such as I propose, where the officers are elected from the floor and 25 towns are 100 percent Australian ballot," he added.