The town of Duxbury has warned a budget of $1,229,960, a 4.3% decrease from last year’s budget of $1,285,767.



Total projected revenues are $214,390, up from $201,314 last year (6.5%). “The revenues are up for a couple of reasons, primarily new construction and anticipated reimbursements from grant projects,” Duxbury Select Board chair Mari Pratt said in an email.

Highway expenses are up 16.4%, which includes an 11% increase to the road crew’s salaries and benefits, increased costs of road materials (a 10.8% increase), and highway equipment (up 15.3%). Town officers and staff expenses have increased 8.4%.

Professional services and expenses are up 12%, $74,850 compared to $66,850 last year which includes 50% increases in both appraisal services and the cost of a records audit, which Pratt said was because the town changed companies. She said, “We did that because the treasurer advised us that the quality of work from the other company no longer met our needs adequately,” noting that the new company’s fees were higher. “Also, we switched to (a) cash budget from an accrual one.”

Garage costs are up 27.7% ($51,170 compared to $40,075 last year). Under that line item, “fabrication” has increased by 144.4% ($11,000 up from $4,500 last year), which Pratt explained was not actually for the garage (though listed under that line item), but so the crew can build a new sand screen. Under equipment, the town also needs new tires for its grader to the tune of $3,000, as well as new summer tires for equipment, a cost of $5,000 up from $1,000 last year.

Overall, the town of Duxbury was able to keep the budget below last year’s. Duxbury residents will vote on the proposed $1,229,960 budget on Town Meeting Day, March 7.