Tiffany Palmer with fiancé Mykl Campbell and Minka (inset)

“There’s been a lot of hope and there are a lot of applicants,” explained Tiffany Palmer who, with her fiancé Mykl Campbell, is seeking a place to live in The Valley.



They are currently living in Bristol where they’ve been renting month to month with Campbell commuting to Sugarbush where he’s a lift mechanic and Palmer commuting to her work at Homeward Bound animal shelter in Middlebury.

They came to Central Vermont from Brattleboro when their housing there ended because their landlord opted to stop being a landlord. Their current landlord is moving his family into the house.

When their Brattleboro home stopped being a rental, they lived in a yurt in Brattleboro for three months with no plumbing before they found a place in Ripton where they lived before Bristol.

Campbell just turned 30 and Palmer is 28. They have a three-year-old Alaskan malamute/husky mix named Minka. Both are native Vermonters.


“We would really be happy with anywhere where we don’t have to worry about moving in a few months, Campbell said.

After they reached out on a community messaging forum last week, they did get some response and they were working through some prospects.

“There are a ton of applications for each of these places,” Campbell said.

“It’s been a lot of hope and a there’s a lot of other applicants,” Palmer said.

We would prefer a two bedroom but we’d take anything. We’ve looked at studios that are definitely too small, but we’d take one if we had to,” she added.