On June 14 Moretown voters approved the forthcoming purchase of a new grader for the town in a special vote. The vote passed 88 to 20, which represents only a 7.5% turnout out of Moretown’s 1,444 registered voters.



“There are issues with the current grader that is a 2007. The special vote that took place June 14 was for the purchase of a new grader. Per the vote it passed, nothing is going to be done until the waiting period of 30 days is over. Ordering any equipment right now takes quite some time for delivery, either the end of this year or delivery for next spring. The article [is] for $410,000,” Moretown Select Board assistant Sasha Elwell said in an email.

The ballot specified that the expense would be financed by a loan for a term of no more than 15 years.