The Warren Select Board declined to take formal action on a noise complaint against the Slide Brook Tavern on German Flats Road, noting that the property is zoned for its current use.

Drumley's property manager Peter Reynells was present at the July 27 meeting of the Warren Select Board to make a formal noise complaint against the Slide Brook Tavern, located across the road.

Reynells told town officials that the noise disturbances usually occur after business hours and following the July 4th holiday, went on as late as 3:30 a.m.  Reynells said that he had been in communication with Slide Brook owner Alex Peff who assured that he would "keep track of his customers."

Reynells reported loud talking and squealing tires in the parking lot of the Slide Brook in addition to a pickup truck that rolled over the bank and stayed there for the duration of the July 4th weekend.

Peff said he couldn't get a tow truck during the holiday weekend.

Reynells said that this is the third season of complaints issued by the Drumley's board and that he had called both the state police and the state liquor board in an effort to resolve the situation.

"The state police have been called; they never have enough people. We've had a constable and the sheriff's department show up," Reynells said.

Select board chair Andy Cunningham told Reynells that there is nobody out from 1 until 4 a.m. and added that a lot of the noise issues being discussed "are out of Alex's control," like patrons arguing in the parking lot and a truck rolling over the bank.

"We're doing what we said we would do. We've asked the constables and sheriff's department to patrol the area," Cunningham said.

Peff said there were instances of noise disturbances that "had nothing to do with my place," referencing an argument by a neighbor that took place in the parking lot of the Common Man Restaurant across the street.

In addition, Peff said he always closes his bar at midnight and asks patrons to leave at that time.

"My track record is fine except for the noise complaints made by the people at Drumley's," he continued.

Cunningham said, "What I like is that Alex is trying to affect noise relief."

At the time of the Slide Brook's liquor license renewal last May the town cut down the hours of outdoor service to cut down on noise disturbances.

Reynells said, "It is the after-hours customers who are causing the problems."

Warren resident Tim Seniff said, "As a resort area, our guests will get out of control. I've seen Alex clear that bar out at 12 a.m. and seen him bend over backwards for the Drumley's. He's losing money; in the restaurant industry, customers can get belligerent, but it's part of living in a resort area."

Reynells said that many of the people at the Drumley's don't live in The Valley full time and "they want to go to sleep and get up to ski the next day; they go to the grocery store and buy gas here."

Select board member Anson Montgomery said, "Nobody likes getting woken up at night, but it gets down to the zoning. Alex's business is zoned for restaurant/tavern."

Cunningham urged Peff to "keep a really firm hand on your people until they are off your property."

In addition, he said there will be increased response time expected from the state police because they recently added seven new patrol officers.