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Major General Mike Dubie, Adjutant General - Vermont; Jen Parker Fleckenstein; Steve Parker; Steve Cray, president of Vermont National Guard Charitable Foundation; Jimmy Parker.

With a large American flag as a backdrop, Vermont National Guard Major General Mike Dubie and Steve Cray, president of the Vermont National Guard Charitable Foundation, accepted a check for $38,585 from the three Parker siblings who had put on the Stars and Stripes Charitable Airshow on July 3 in Warren.

Jim Parker Jr. (Jimmy) started the press conference off by thanking the volunteers and the major donors including Kingsbury Construction and Waitsfield Champlain Telecom for their support of the show. A special thank you went out to his dad, Jim Parker, for his guidance and to the families of the National Guard and its members for their sacrifice.

Dubie and Cray thanked the Parker family for the large donation and talked of how much it meant to the families of the Guard members who are serving. "It's been a tough few weeks for the Guard," Dubie remarked, with the VT Guard serving on the Afghanistan/Pakistani border and another large deployment heading out in September. Dubie went on to say, "It really means a lot to the families and members of the Guard that fundraisers like the airshow are being held."

The Parker family was presented with a VT National Guard flag that was flown in action as a thank you.