The Sugarbush Access Road will be closed to traffic on weekdays from August 4 to 18, from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., during the planned replacement of several town culverts.

Members of the Warren Select Board accepted a proposal from G.W. Tatro to install the new culverts at their July 27 meeting. Warren Department of Public Works director Barry Simpson told town officials that closing the road would allow G.W. Tatro to make full use of the road throughout the project.

"We've already taken the initiative to make the signs to advise people ahead of time as a warning," he said.

There will be signage located at the intersection of the Sugarbush Access Road and German Flats Road, as well as the intersections of the Sugarbush Access Road and Route 100, and the intersection of Routes 17 and 100 to alert motorists to the closure, according to Simpson.

Simpson told select board members that Sugarbush's replacement of a leaking pipeline on the Sugarbush Access Road is "going slower than anticipated" and that there have been a few complaints about "how the traffic is being handled" with delays reported in excess of 20 minutes at times.

The flaggers are in constant radio contact with workers, Simpson said, and "are making a good faith effort" to keep traffic moving. Simpson said the Sugarbush pipeline replacement is expected to be completed by September 17, which is at "the far end of the time window," he said.

The town's culvert replacement project will cost approximately $63,000; the materials have already been purchased and are currently stockpiled, according to select board chair Andy Cunningham.

The town plans to use a combination of highway and paving funds to cover the construction costs; approximately $57,000 is currently available to be put toward the project, according to Town Administrator Cindi Hartshorn-Jones.

The town will have to come up with an additional $13,000 from somewhere within the existing budget; funds are available in the town's capital account, which currently has $150,000 in it. Any money borrowed from the capital account will need to be paid back in next year's budget.

Select board member Anson Montgomery said, "We're now using the rainy day fund on a cloudy day."