Fayston native and Harwood alumna Ramsey Brown returns to The Valley next Wednesday, August 18, to present her most recent theatrical production, Just because you know me doesn't mean I'm famous, at the Skinner Barn in Waitsfield.

While most haven't seen Brown on stage since her years performing as a student at Harwood, the subject matter of the original one-woman production will resonate with many.

It's about her parents, Janet Hubbard and Frank Brown, specifically the difference between mom and dad, her relationship with both, and the course her life has taken from a childhood spent in Fayston to writing and performing her original work in Los Angeles, where she currently resides.  

The idea for the show was born around a table of friends and family when Brown was home in The Valley during the holidays. During the dinner party, Brown said she was urged by her friends to write a piece about her mother.

"Once I started talking about her a little bit around the people that know her really well, everyone started dying laughing," she said.

"Everyone that knows her knows she's lovely, amazing and completely insane, and we started thinking that it would be fun to do a whole show at some point," Brown continued.

She had already made plans to make a rare summer season return to The Valley for a close friend's wedding and, according to Brown, "One thing led to another and Peter Boynton offered me his barn, and I got more and more excited because people from home haven't seen me on stage since high school."

The one-woman show details her life spent with what she calls her "new-agey meditating macrobiotic mom" and her dad, an avid hunter and fisherman, and is based upon where she's from and how she ended up in Hollywood.

"It's about killing it; from hunting and fishing to killing it at auditions and trying to conquer Hollywood," she said.

Brown won't touch down in Vermont until Tuesday, which is how she wanted it. "I wanted to get there and do it without too much time to get nervous," she said.

While she admits she's still terrified, Brown said, "It's really moving to have the support from friends, et cetera, because it makes the whole tone different."

Brown will perform Just because you know me doesn't me I'm famous at 8 p.m. at The Skinner Barn on the Common Road in Waitsfield; for reservations call 496-2851. The show is not recommended for children due to the use of adult language.