The Valley Reporter received two awards in the New England Newspaper and Press Association's Better Newspaper Content.

The Valley Reporter received a second place for the level of community involvement in the newspaper as evidenced by the dialogue, opinion and interaction found in "In My View" submissions. Judges commented:

"A collection of reader-written opinion articles under the title 'In My View' allows for philosophizing, grumbling and the sharing of practical advice. The quality of writing and subject matter suggests that the pool of articles from readers must indeed be significant. One imagines that the give-and-take, debate and ongoing conversation of this section both reflects and inspires debate outside of these pages."

The Valley Reporter received a second award, also a second place, for its Living Pages (People, Places and Events) where student achievements, births, engagements, thank you letters and other community events are posted. Judges commented: "Lots of local information that would make readers feel truly engaged in the community. An eclectic and creative mix of content."

"We are honored that the awards we received recognize how engaged this community is and the role that The Valley Reporter plays in fostering the dialog and in sharing the news," said Valley Reporter editor Lisa Loomis, who attended the 2011 New England Newspaper and Press Association Convention and Trade Show in Boston, February 11 and 12, where the awards were announced.