Sugarbush wasn't the only resort property to showcase new and improved buildings this season. Other area properties followed the mountain's lead, including Mountainside Condominiums.

Mountainside Condominiums, a 90-unit complex, which wraps around Sugarbush Village, began a five-year improvement plan last year. The first phase included maintenance that ensures the continued use of wood-burning fireplaces. That was completed last spring. 

The complex' new resident manager Ken Winkleman came to Mountainside last year from a resort in Illinois. "I took a few weeks to settle in and get the lay of the land, made a number of improvement wish lists, and then met with the newly elected board of directors. It's great to work with a group of people who have such diverse knowledge of construction, property management, landscaping and the other talents of our board members."

Over the summer, Winkleman removed aged shrubs, pruned, trimmed and planted throughout both the village and the common areas of the complex. Mountainside owners offered assistance by donating shrubs, annuals and a helping hand in the gardens. As a result, two years of the improvement goals were accomplished by the time fall had ended.

The village was pruned, painted and given a new look, just in time for the village's two newest additions, The Pine Tree Pub and Village Pizza to open.

With the addition of LP gas service, a number of owners took advantage of the federal Energy Tax Credit and converted to gas fireplaces and Rinnai heaters and upgraded windows and insulation.  

"We plan to create a barbecue and picnic area next to our pool area this coming summer," said Barbara Brady, the newly elected president of the MS Condo Association.

"The owners at Mountainside are really working as a cohesive community. For example, several owners got together to design and build fencing for the wood sheds; others are participating in a spring greening party to perk up the complex for the summer season and plan poolside social activities for this coming summer in conjunction with events at the Sugarbush Resort," Brady said.