In preparation for a Mad River Valley trail summit this fall, members of the Mad River Valley trail collaborative steering committee continue to work towards a completed Valley trails inventory and updated trail map.


In addition to creating a methodology for inventorying current trails and updating the 2004 trail map, the steering committee is working with the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce to update their trail webpage.

The steering committee’s second meeting was held March 14 following a well-attended kickoff event in January when representatives from several state and local organizations including VAST, the Catamount Trail Association and the Mad River Path Association came together to discuss goals for conservation and future projects.

At the March 14 meeting, MRPA executive director Autumn Foushee told steering committee members that she had consulted Map Adventures (MA) regarding updating the 2004 trail map; according to MA, there would be no cost to update the old map and the second edition could be purchased wholesale.

Steering committee members also discussed including a database of the owners, maintainers and managers of all of the trails currently included as well as potential segments to be listed on the updated map.

Foushee plans to communicate with each trail manager to discuss future decisions regarding what should be made public and published on the updated map.

Steering committee members also discussed a potential partnership with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) with the goal of identifying future projects and applying for technical assistance funding to complete Mad River Valley trail projects slated for summer 2012.

According to Schwartz, the fall summit “would bring the larger groups of partners back together to catch up on the work being done on all of the projects above and strategize about subsequent steps.”