By Lisa Loomis

A state apportionment board working on redistricting is expected to vote today, June 16, on a proposal that, among other things, splits the town of Fayston into two districts.


The seven-member board has reworked the legislative districts in the state with an eye to creating as many one-representative districts as possible. The proposed plan creates 128 single-member districts in the state. There are currently 44 single-member districts in the state.

As a result of the 2010 federal census, Vermont must redistrict so that every 4,172 voters have one state representative and 20,860 for each state senator. The last time Vermont reapportioned was in 2002.

In The Valley, the proposed redistricting pairs Warren, Waitsfield and the portion of Fayston that is south of Route 17 into one legislative district. A second district includes the portion of Fayston that is north of Route 17, Moretown and Duxbury. In total, 15 Vermont towns would be split by the proposal including Waterbury.

In towns that are split into two districts, town clerks must offer separate polling stations for voters in each district.

While the state reapportionment board is slated to make its final proposal this week, that proposal will be presented to boards of civil authority throughout the state for comment and  review by July 1. The final proposal will go the Vermont Legislature for approval.