September 3, 2011
Moretown, VT
John Hoogenboom, Moretown Selectboard Chair and Incident Commander for the Town of Moretown recovery effort has issued the following bulletin that contains important information for the residents of Moretown, travelers, and others affected by the flooding in Moretown:

The National Weather Service has a FLASH FLOOD WATCH IN EFFECT FROM SUNDAY EVENING THROUGH TUESDAY MORNING. Heavy rains are likely. Plastic tarps and pallets are available to residents to assist in keeping outside items dry. Please check in at the Moretown Town Hall to obtain these items.
Moretown town roads continue to be restricted to local traffic, essential services, and volunteer access only. With rain in the forecast, conditions may worsen on the current alternate routes, which may require further restriction. There is a parking ban on Route 100B in the village.
The Moretown Health Officer has suggested all affected homes shock their wells. Chlorine is available at the Town Hall.
Moretown greatly appreciates the food donations it has received. In order to better meet the needs of our residents and volunteer crews, those willing to provide greater flexibility to our food coordinators are encouraged to consider cash donations.
Law enforcement will be increasing their presence to deter looting. Please report any suspicious activity to the Middlesex Vermont State Police Barracks at 229-9191.
Household hazardous waste disposal is available at the Moretown Landfill Monday through Wednesday.
If you are in need, or aware of anyone in need of non-emergency medical care (mental or physical), please contact John Hoogenboom at 793-2859, who can alert local Red Cross resources working in the area.
Moretown Elementary School will be back in session with off-site fieldtrip experiences next week beginning Wednesday September 7th. Information has been provided to families by email. For further detail call the school at 496-3742.
John Hoogenboom is the Incident Commander who can be reached at 802-496-3645 from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. Sean O’Brien is the Safety Officer and can be reached at 802-917-3083. Email for the selectboard is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The next community and selectboard meeting is 9 AM Sunday, September 4 at the Town Hall.