About 100 of the 1,500 displaced state workers from Waterbury are being relocated to the former Northern Power building at the Mad River Park.

The Waterbury workers were displaced by flooding after Hurricane Irene hit on August 28.


The Mad River Park is on Route 100 in Waitsfield, north of Waitsfield Village.  Until two years ago, that Northern Power building was occupied by Northern Power Systems. The building is owned by the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation (CVEDC).

CVEDC, which had been actively seeking a tenant or tenants for the empty building prior to the flooding, has negotiated a lease with the state for 90 to 100 workers to move into the facility. The building has 28,075 square feet. There is no word yet on which state agency workers will be at the local facility.

The state employees are expected to take up residency at the site at the beginning of the month and it is unclear how long they will be there. The state has yet to determine what will happen to its severely damaged offices in Waterbury and is temporarily housing its employees at various locations throughout the state.

The Sugarbush Chamber of Commerce is welcoming the temporary workers and inviting local businesses owners who would like to be introduced to the new workers to bring 100 product samples or gift certificates or something representing each business to the chamber by November 4.

“These new jobs in Waitsfield could have a potential positive impact on businesses, particularly in Waitsfield, as workers purchase lunch, hardware, gasoline, groceries, fitness facilities and general shopping,” said Susan Klein, director of the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce.