The Warren Select Board listened but did not offer much in terms of comments when Sugarbush representative Margo Wade presented plans for the next phase of the Lincoln Peak Village redevelopment to members of the Warren Select Board at the January 24 meeting.

The multi-year project includes eight building sites with a mix of townhouses, condos and mixed-use buildings, which will be built on land in the Sugarbush Village Commercial Zoning District, between Rice Brook to the north and the Lincoln Peak base area to the south.

One of the goals of the new development is increased connectivity between the Lincoln Peak Village, the existing base area and historic Sugarbush Village in all seasons and to fit architecturally with Clay Brook and the three new base lodges, Gate House, Farmhouse and Schoolhouse.

Ski access in and out of Sugarbush Village will be maintained, pedestrian connectivity will be improved and parking spaces will be created for Sugarbush Village businesses as part of the development plan.

Ground level parking and access roads will be shared with Sugarbush Village and pedestrian connections will be created between the existing base area and Sugarbush Village.

Wade said, “The big yank is accommodating parking to the existing businesses and residences. Throughout the years we’ve taken different approaches to dealing with that; eventually the goal is subdivide off a parcel of land that includes the village parking lot and deed it to two buildings. All of the buildings are going to have underground parking. We’ll need some surface parking to meet the zoning requirements.”

Wade told town officials that the Sugarbush design team is hoping for springtime construction of the Rice Brook residences; plans call for six townhomes and nine condominiums in three buildings and the residences will all have underground parking.

The total number of condo units for Rice Brook and buildings A, B, C and D is 64, according to Wade. Building E will be a mixed-use building that will include a 30-room hostel with a small conference center, a little retail, potential for a spa as well as a dining component, she said.

The select board and planning commission received a copy of the Act 250 application submitted by Sugarbush. Wade said the Act 250 hearing is scheduled for Presidents weekend and will take place at the Sugarbush Gate House Lodge.

Wade said, “We have to plan for accommodating the setback on Rice Brook; the plan reduces the current encroachment to give the Rice Brook breathing room.”

In addition, Sugarbush will need stormwater and utility infrastructure and a snow management plan to make sure snow is plowed away from the brook and will need to relocate the Village Double chair.

Construction is planned to begin in late April 2012, subject to the acquisition of state and local permits and sales commitments.

Eighty to 90 new residential units will be constructed and all buildings will have underground parking. Phase II will be built over several years, with implementation of each part based on market demand.

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