Good Night Irene a musical tribute for flood relief


Sales from Good Night Irene, a compilation CD featuring 15 tracks about Vermont, will benefit Vermonters affected by the August flood; a collaboration of Vermont and national artists, the CD is available at local retailers throughout The Valley.

The CD features Willie Nelson's “Moonlight in Vermont” and Taj Mahal's “Lovin’ in my Baby's Eyes” recorded at the 1998 Mad River Music Fest.

The CD also includes tracks by Richie Hayward of Little Feat, Rising Tribe’s version of “Ode to Vermont,” Tammy Fletcher's “Walleye Widow,” and Vermont hip-hop artist Memaranda's “Lil VTeezy,” the Vermont rap anthem.

The compilation starts off slow with Rising Tribe’s melancholy version of “Ode to Vermont” and Toft Willingham singing “What It’s All About,” followed by Elephant Revival with “Ring Around the Moon.”

Local recording artist Colleen Mari appears on the album with her original track “Hannah” followed by another local artist Louie Brown performing an acoustic original, “Maple Rain.” followed by Tammy Fletcher’s “Walleye Widow” performed by Mountain Girl.

Erica Stroem and James Kinne of the local band Last October contributed their original track “Wait out the Storm,” featuring powerful lyrics and strong vocal talent.

Local band The Flood adds the upbeat tune “Bonfire Smoke” that includes lyrical tributes to back roads and campfires.

One Over Zero contributes “Forgiveness.” a track that combines hip-hop beats with reggae-inspired verses. The track most likely to lodge itself in any listener’s brain is local artist Jesse Maranda’s “Lil VTeezy” that chronicles the many unique charms of growing up in Vermont and asks, “Where the cheddar cheese be?”

The compilation CD concludes with The Eames Brothers Band performing what has become an anthem of sorts for the flood aftermath, “Good Night Irene,” written by Huddie W. Ledbetter.

The CD promises to raise money for months ahead when people have forgotten about Irene's destruction in Vermont. This CD will be a reminder and a way for folks around the country to spend a modest $10 to help Vermont out.

Musically there is something for everyone; the CD features over a dozen different genres similar to the Mad River Music Festival in Waitsfield, Vermont, circa 1997.

To purchase a CD by mail, send $10 plus $1.50 for shipping to:


Vermont Irene CD, 2353 Plunkton Road, Warren, Vermont 05674 USA.


Make checks or money orders payable to Vermont Irene CD. All profits from the CD go to local grassroots organizations to rebuild flood-devastated areas of the state. For more information visit