Governor Peter Shumlin, fourth from the right, and Hapy Mayer, COO and CFO of Small Dog Electronics, to the left of the governor, were joined by representatives from AllEarth Renewables, Building Energy, and Freeaire Corporation  when the cord was cut on the recently installed solar photovoltaic farm in Waitsfield. Photo: KAH



Last Thursday, February 16, Governor Shumlin and Small Dog Electronics COO and CFO Hapy Mayer cut the cord on a recently installed solar photovoltaic farm outside the Waitsfield headquarters. The solar energy harnessed will provide the power needed to run the retail store in South Burlington as well as half of the power required to run the Waitsfield headquarters.

The new locally manufactured solar trackers are the latest in a series of investments made by Small Dog Electronics toward a goal of achieving net zero usage of non-renewable energy.

Governor Peter Shumlin and Mayer joined Andrew Savage of AllEarth Renewables, Nik Ponzio of Building Energy, and Richard Travers, CEO of Freeaire Corporation, for the cord-cutting ceremony.

Small Dog’s new solar farm is comprised of 10 solar trackers manufactured by AllEarth Renewables of Williston and uses the company’s Vermont-manufactured solar tracking technology.

“We chose to use solar electricity because, of all the power sources, it is by far the cleanest and most neutral,” said Don Mayer, CEO at Small Dog Electronics.

“This solar farm will greatly help us reduce our carbon footprint, which is an integral part of our mission at Small Dog,” he continued.

“It’s great to see an innovative, successful high-tech company like Small Dog adopting solar,” said David Blittersdorf, CEO of AllEarth Renewables.

“Innovated here in Vermont and with their wireless and GPS technologies, our solar trackers seem like a perfect fit for this great company,” Blittersdorf added.

Additionally, sustainability upgrades at Small Dog include a Vermont-engineered and manufactured Freeaire cooling system in its server rooms and LED lighting installed in all locations.

“Data center cooling now consumes 1.5 percent of all energy used in the world and is rapidly rising,” said Richard Travers, CEO of Freeaire Refrigeration. “We were pleased to supply Small Dog with the technology to cool its server room without harming the environment,” he continued.