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Don Mayer of Small Dog Electronics receives VBSR Award

Don Mayer of Small Dog Electronics winner of the 2011 VBSR Terry Ehrich Award for Social Responsibility in Business. Photo: Jeff Knight

By Jeff Knight

On a beautiful spring evening, May 11, a crowd of friends, family, colleagues and dignitaries gathered at the soggy Burlington Waterfront for an evening cruise on a swollen Lake Champlain. While they could have been there to see an amazing sunset after a week of rain, this group was there for another festive reason, to award Don Mayer, owner of Small Dog Electronics in Waitsfield, with the 2011 Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) Terry Ehrich Award.

The evening was splendid. The clear skies and setting sun made for a wonderful backdrop as Mayer, Warren, was feted by family, friends and colleagues, including Russ Bennett of Waitsfield, one of many Valley residents on hand for the occasion.


Vermont Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller was also on hand to honor Mayer and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin sent words of praise and encouragement for Mayer’s dedication and drive to create a business environment based on respect and social responsibility.

Mayer highlighted his evening by praising his family and employees for their support and dedication, noting that if not for their hard work he would not have the freedom to pursue his many goals, including affordable health care and a positive working environment.

According to VBSR, the Terry Ehrich Award for Social Responsibility in Business is given annually to an individual who for a sustained period demonstrates exceptional socially responsible business principles in the workplace, political, social and natural environments. The Terry Ehrich Award was created in memory of the late Terry Ehrich, owner of Hemmings Motor News, founder of the First Day Foundation and VBSR board member.

Terry Ehrich Award dinner aboard the Northern Lights

Dinner aboard the Northern Lights.  Photo: Jeff Knight


Don mayer and board of the VBSR

Erlich Award winner Don Mayer and board of the VBSR. Photo: Jeff Knight


Russ Bennett of Waitsfield

Russ Bennett of Waitsfeild speaking at the VBSR Erlich award dinner may 11, 2011. Photo: Jeff Knight