Last week, Colleen Mays was elected to the Warren Select Board for a two-year term, filling a seat vacated by Kirsten Reilly.

A native Vermonter, Mays has lived in Warren for seven years, where she currently serves as director of children’s services at Warren Public Library and coaches skiing at Sugarbush.

“Community service is not new to me, but most of my service has centered on the youth in our Valley,” Mays said, explaining that she joined the select board because she wanted to “try something new.”

Mays’ short-term goals for Warren include fixing the covered bridge—which was recently damaged after an oversized truck attempted to drive through it—as well as repairing critical roads. In the long term, Mays hopes to set and maintain a town budget that will offset this year’s tax increase.

“I’m new to the select board and local political scene,” Mays said. “I don’t foresee myself attempting to launch any initiatives in the near future,” she said, but she hopes to help wrap up projects that are already under way.

Perhaps down the line “I would love to see a community green space or play area separate from the school,” Mays said, and she plans on supporting the arts and other creative opportunities in the area.

Right now, however, “I’m thankful to the community of Warren for affording me the opportunity to push my boundaries,” Mays said.