The Waitsfield Planning Commission is considering the creation of a redevelopment district north of Waitsfield Village to allow existing businesses to expand or residential properties/barns to be developed or redeveloped.

Town zoning administrator Susan Senning said that when the planning commission was revising the Town Plan several requests were received to allow businesses such as Small Dog to expand or allow properties such as the Wallis-Bull farm to be redeveloped.

The planning commission identified the current properties affected by the district as Kenyon's, Wilder Farm Inn, The 1824 House, Small Dog, the Armstrong property and Amerigas. The currently residential properties that would be in the district are the Laskaris property/barn, the Wallis-Bull farm, Hadley Gaylord's home and barn and the Spaulding residences and barns.

The properties on the east side of Route 100 are partially located in the town's fluvial erosion hazard area which would affect potential development on them, according to the draft minutes of the commission's September 3 meeting.

Senning said that this potential overlay district is similar to an adaptive redevelopment overlay district that was adopted for the southern end of Waitsfield several years ago that allowed expanded uses beyond those listed as conditional uses for lodging and commercial buildings.

The planning commission will work with a planner to create the wording for the proposed change.