Get to know the Mad River Path

Over the next six months The Valley Reporter and the Mad River Path (MRP) are bringing content straight from the path. Articles, videos and audio clips will help the community get to know the path system better regarding where it is, who hosts the sections, some fun history, exciting plans and more. The content will be written and recorded by Mad River Path board members and staff – all of whom are Mad River Valley residents and enthusiastic about helping the community get outside. We hope people will stay entertained and well-informed by the different perspectives.

Coming up first, people will hear from current board member Betsy Jondro and recently retired board member Laura Brines. They’ll share what the path association is up to, where the path association board members are headed and some fascinating things from the past.

After that, readers will hear from current and upcoming landowner hosts of path sections. These folks will explain about why they host the path and will paint a clear picture on what it’s like to be a path host. Print and online readers of The Valley Reporter will also learn about ways they can be and stay involved with the Mad River Path and the challenges the path association board has as it works to accomplish the organization’s mission and goals, and there will be virtual tours of path sections.

Keep an eye on weekly Valley Reporter issues, The Valley Reporter website at (or see the Mad River Path tab), and the Mad River Path website at