I would like to thank Christine for her years leading us through the Act 46 merger and then as a unified board. No one thought the job would be easy, but as chair, Christine helped us become educated on how to operate as a unified board – while also contending with the trials and tribulations of being a young board. Further, she unfairly endured numerous allegations and verbal attacks from community members who were afraid their voices would be lost when the district was unified.

I contend not many people could have withstood the stress and countless personal attacks Christine endured as our chair. Despite this stress, Christine tried her best to stay focused on what was paramount for all of the students in our district. I would defy any of us to consider whether we would have stayed as grounded through these challenges as Christine did, successfully overseeing the passage of three budgets and beginning the very challenging conversation of redesign and the Harwood bond.

I am incredibly thankful that Christine was willing to take on the role of chair when she did. Her heart was always focused on providing the best and most equitable educational opportunities for all of the students in our district.

Thank you, Christine, for being the first board chair of the Harwood Unified Union School District.

Rosemarie White