I am referring to the COVID-19 plandemic that has resulted in a situation unlike any previous. The world is in a lockdown where personal freedoms are severely compromised and businesses are being shut down, all due to a threat that has most people so fearful that they have given up their ability to question these extreme orders.

It is important to recall that the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 has been acknowledged to be considerably overblown worldwide, with a huge percentage never even tested but due to COVID-19 symptoms or complications maybe. The average age is about 80 with usually one to four other pre-existing serious life-threatening conditions. This information can be found at Globalresearch.ca and at Voltairenet.org. The tests also have been admitted resulting in many false positives. The virus is not found in these tests but instead the presence of antibodies that are claimed to be produced by the body in response to the virus. It is admitted that the presence of these antibodies can be attributed to many other things. This is according to a recent press release by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Social distancing, mask wearing and quarantining of healthy people is an extreme idea and is based on no reasonable theory. Flattening the curve was the original reason, remember? Humans need fresh air, sunlight and interaction with other humans to be healthy. There has been considerable stress unnecessarily caused by the lockdown actions that serves no purpose except for destroying people’s lives and businesses. What is really going on?

Increased surveillance, additional restrictions on personal rights and freedoms, a cashless society, mandatory vaccinations, corporations controlling the food supply to a greater extent, a basic living wage, martial law – these are some of the things that I can see coming.

Most people will be anxious to receive the vaccination when it finally is available. Consider that vaccinations for the flu are not effective. All vaccines contain various toxic and/or contaminated ingredients. Check the government website for vaccine injury – $4 billion has been paid out even though only a small percentage of those injured or killed have claims filed, and of those that do only a small percentage are approved. The pharmaceutical corporations are immune from liability for injuries due to vaccines, as are doctors. See RFK website childrenshealthdefense.com for information mentioned in this paragraph about vaccine safety.

Please do some independent research to obtain alternative views expressed by those doctors, nurses and scientists that do not make it into the major media. Consider the fact that the media is dominated by just a few corporations and that controlling the narrative determines what people talk about and believe to be reality.

Already here and in some states is increased testing for the COVID-19 virus, with those testing positive ordered to stay home. Those that refuse to be tested are ordered to stay home. The contact tracing system discovers by interrogation those persons who may have been exposed and they will be ordered to stay home, as found on fellowshipoftheminds.com about Governor Inslee of Washington state. This is all based on tests that are very questionable. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

This plandemic is just getting started. There will be plandemic2 and more restrictive directives and surveillance and controls imposed that will eventually cause those that now believe the authorities and the media story to begin to question everything.

John Gallagher lives in Moretown, Vermont.