By Kitty “Catness” Friedman

Here we go again, yet another Valley Reporter dog issue and I feel the need to respond right meow. While it isn't easy, lacking opposable thumbs, I once again feel compelled to share my feelings. As I noted last year, there are more cat housholds in Vermont than ones with dogs, 45% for the felines and 28% for the canines -- just sayin'. Despite this fact, yet another year passes without a "Cat Issue.” Clearly, that isn't happening any time soon, but I digress. 



What is it with our canine friends and their need for validation and recognition? Heck, they can't even take a ride in a car without sticking their heads out the window seeking attention. Are they really so uncomfortable in their own fur that they need this constant adulation? Do they really need the those condescending pats on the head every time they do something "good." Not that we are purrfect but do you the see the cat community being so needy and seeking recognition?

Are dog's body images such that they need to take walks morning, noon and night to "get enough exercise?" This is unsettling behavior, if not obsessive. Perhaps they could learn a little something from us and chill out, lie down and be more comfortable in their own fur.

There are good reasons that humans are required to have licenses for their dogs. Frankly, they need to be regulated. We felines, on the other hand, are independent and self-sufficient. We don't need the government telling us how to live. Never once has a local path or trail been closed because a cat wasn't on its leash. How many times have you people gone out and stepped in cat poop? Which brings up the issue of that unfortunate canine desire to eat one's own poo but again, I digress. 


Clearly, dogs are popular companions and certainly have some redeeming qualities. To be honest, I include a few of them in my friend group -- looking at you Denali and Trigger. That all being said, I once again ask: Do dogs and their owners really need a dedicated issue of this fine publication, taking up space that might be allocated to more important issues of the day?

I'm sure this letter will once again fall on deaf ears, but a cat is nothing if not persistent. I sincerely hope that before my nine lives are up, I will live to see a Valley Reporter Cat Issue. Hey, anything is paw-sible right? Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and Happy New Year to all the creatures of the MRV.


PS. Each year when I write I take the time to include a photo and each year it isn't included. Perhaps you are trying to save valuable space for yet another "adorable" pooch picture.

Catness lives in Moretown.