Harwood seniors piloted a new tradition of Mountain Day at Sugarbush Resort.

On Friday, September 27, Harwood seniors and chaperones took a field trip to Sugarbush to participate in the new tradition. This fall trip was the idea of Assistant Principal Sam Krotinger.

"I am very excited to announce the beginning of a new tradition at Harwood Union High School, an annual 12th-grade class field trip called Mountain Day. This is an old tradition in many New England secondary and postsecondary schools, and it’s a dream come true for me to now make this event a part of our own school community’s traditions,” said Krotinger.

Many of the seniors attending said they loved the idea of the event and being able to be outside during the foliage season to take a break from the stress of SAT and college essays. The field trip also helped establish a community-building relationship between students and Sugarbush.

“The idea is this: In the height of the natural fall beauty in Vermont, we will spend the day hiking, socializing, playing games and enjoying the company of our class community at Lincoln Peak/Sugarbush. I coordinated with Sugarbush to run their lift Super Bravo for an hour, so we all will be able to ‘choose our own adventure’ in terms of our hike challenge (lift ride up and down, lift up/down hike, lift up/hike summit/down hike, hike summit/down hike). After the hike, we’ll eat lunch and socialize in the courtyard in front of the Gate House Lodge,” said Krotinger.



Claire McGeorge, Waitsfield, thought the field trip was a great way for the senior class to bond outside of the high school. “The weather is really nice so it’s nice to be here in the foliage on a beautiful day. The ride up was super fun and it was cool to see all of the leaves at their peak,” said McGeorge.

When asked what McGeorge thought about the event becoming an annual outing for seniors at Harwood, she said it was a fantastic idea.

“I think it’s a really good idea, especially as the fall of everyone’s senior year is pretty stressful and this is a good break from school and to be able to be with our whole class is a really good thing.”

Marcella Grimaldi, Waitsfield, also enjoyed the experience of being outside with her fellow peers. “I love today’s field trip being outside in nature and being away from school because at first school is overwhelming with homework and getting back in the rhythm of things so a day off is relaxing. This especially for seniors who are applying to colleges and tests and stuff, it gets overwhelming so I think today is an amazing experience,” said Grimaldi.

“I love hiking in general because we live in such a beautiful state, especially around foliage. I think this becoming a tradition is great because a lot of kids might not have the opportunity to do something like this and to be able to do this at our school is a great thing and to spend time with your friends all day,” said Grimaldi.