Not having the ability to actually have a graduation rehearsal or practice, I hope this will provide helpful information as to how we envision the graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 20.

  • Graduates will receive a facial mask and must wear it any time they are out of their vehicle.
  • Facial masks may be removed when speaking at the podium or when having a photo taken.

We will not be printing programs for graduation, so please print your own copy or have access to it on your phone.  (copy of program and graduates is on page 4 of the Graduate Photos below)

2020 Graduate Photos

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Saturday, June 20, ​Ceremony at 9 a.m​.

8 a.m​., Parking will open. There are no assigned or designated parking spaces, so as graduates arrive, they will be directed to park their vehicle. All graduates and guests in one vehicle will park on the front field. 9 a.m., ​ Ceremony will begin.

Ceremony: On the stage will be the school board chair Caitlin Hollister, Superintendent Nease, Principal Atwood, Assistant Principal Krotinger; guest speaker, Greg Shepler; and senior class lead TA, Barbara Saxe.

 Bagpipers ​will begin the ceremony. 

 “Pomp and Circumstances”​ will be played. Mr. Rivers has prerecorded this with the HU jazz band.

 Welcome by Principal Atwood.

While the welcome is being delivered by Mrs. Atwood, Daniel Robinson and Anne Fennelly will leave their vehicles and make their way towards the stage. They will wear masks and social distance.

 Pledge of Allegiance​ led by a member of the senior class, Daniel Robinson.

 Introduction of commencement speaker,​ Greg Shepler, by Anne Fennelly.

Announcement of Diplomas​ - Nancy Myrto

  • At this time Nancy will be calling graduates to come to receive their diplomas.
  • This will be done in alphabetical order.
  • We ask that guests refrain from tooting horns as this may prevent other graduates from hearing their name being announced.
  • We will be calling up two groups at a time.

--One group will be lined up wearing masks and social distancing in preparation to receive their diploma. There will be a couple senior TAs there to guide you through this.

--The next group will be in a waiting area, near the stage lined up, on deck to receive their diploma. As one group receives their diploma, the next group will be called to the waiting area by Nancy. 

--It is important that ​each graduate remember the group they are assigned to​. There will be senior TAs at the waiting area to assist you with getting lined up, again maintaining social distancing and wearing your mask.

  • There will be a basket to collect any letters the graduates have written for teachers, staff and administrators. They can place them in the basket as they receive their diploma.
  • As each graduate is given their diploma by Mrs. Atwood, they will make their way across the stage.
  • Once they are off the stage, they will receive a flower from Ms. Saxe, photos will be taken.
  • Facial masks may be removed for photos​.
  • Each graduate will then walk to the table to receive a senior gift from the Class of 2020 and then proceed back to their vehicle.

Declaration of Diplomas and Changing of the Tassels ​-- Board chair - Caitlin Hollister

  • School board chair Caitlin Hollister will confirm the diplomas and ask that each graduate change their tassel from the right to the left

Special Message to the Class of 2020

Senior Speeches -​- Sam Crafts, Lili Platt, Julianne Young

  • Senior speakers will be called to the stage as a group.
  • They will each be called to the podium to deliver their speech. Speakers can remove their facial mask while presenting their speech.
  • When finished, they will proceed back to their vehicle.

 Presentation of the Class Gift​ -- Melissa Neff

  • Melissa will be called to the stage to present the class gift.
  • She can remove her facial mask while presenting her speech. ● When finished, she will proceed back to her vehicle.

Closing remarks -- Mrs. Atwood

Processional: TOOTING of our HORNS

  • Ask that all vehicles honor our graduates in the tooting of their horn.

All vehicles will then be directed toward the exit to leave the front field.

There is a scheduled parade after graduation. Anyone wishing to participate can meet in the Harwood main parking lot, by the soccer field after exiting the front field.