Harwood Union Middle School eighth-graders have been busy finishing the films documenting the Hurricane Irene flood stories they have collected from classmates.

The success of this project is evidenced in the subsequent development of yet another opportunity for students to volunteer their time and expertise. HUMS students have been invited to document community stories at the Moretown Restoration Pig Roast Benefit on Saturday, October 1. Eighth-graders have been honored by the chance to run the "Story Corner" at the event as on-site ethnographers.

There will be a booth set up where HUMS students will help to record community member stories of the storm and the flood based around the question, “What would you want to tell someone living in Moretown 100 years from now who just experienced a flood like this one?"

The event will take place at Moretown Elementary School from 2 to 5 p.m. this Saturday and is an effort to help raise money for Moretown and raise the spirits of Moretown residents.Student duties will be to be present at the Story Corner booth to help folks contribute to the giant wall mural of memories being created and to interview and videotape community members as they tell their individual stories.