A new program at Harwood Union High School called “Stepping Stones to Leadership” gives students an opportunity to share what changes students want to see in their school. They recently held a retreat with approximately 20 students, which Superintendent Dr. Mike Leichliter attended. “I see a lot of possibility and students who want to see change and grow as leaders,” student representative to the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board Maisie Franke said. Franke and student rep Jeswin Antony helped lead the new program.


As Franke and Antony are both seniors, there are two new student reps who will join the HUUSD Board. Naomi Myers introduced herself at last week’s board meeting; the other student will attend this week’s meeting on November 16. There was discussion about student reps getting symbolic votes on the board to allow students to have more say. The board concurred this was a good idea. “It shows we are listening to our students, which is very important,” board member Ashley Woods said. Franke said one of the goals this year is to strengthen the connection between the board and the student body.

At the November 9 meeting, student representatives to the HUUSD Board gave a presentation on some recent highlights at Harwood Union High School. Fall sports concluded great seasons and last week the cross-country team held a well-attended banquet. “We were impressed by the turnout of the community,” cross-country runner and student rep Franke said. Harwood’s Graphite Zeppelin won the Battle of the Bands at Harwood, where teams from all over central Vermont competed. The Common Ground, Harwood’s online newspaper, is up and running and a source for finding out what’s happening at Harwood (huhsnewspaper.com).

The board also discussed recognizing outstanding student achievements, not necessarily related to academics or athletics, across the district.