On Saturday, November 5, the Harwood Union Middle School Spelling Team competed for the Regional Title at the VPA Regional Spelling Team Competition hosted by Barre Town Elementary/Middle School.

Competing schools included Walden School, Barre Town and South Royalton. After 12 grueling rounds of spelling (including several flawless rounds by the Harwood spellers) the HUMS team swept the competition with a 22-point lead.

The team, coached by six-year veteran spelling coach Judi Gross, consists of eighth-graders Nina Sklar, Curtis Wilcox, Sadie Bolger, Anna Van Dine and Lily Martin and seventh-graders Michaela Magee and Anneka Williams. After the landslide win, coach Judi Gross commented, “That was amazing! Only one regular word incorrect in the whole competition. This team has real potential.”

Spellers and their proud parents are looking forward to the state competition on November 19 at Northfield High School where coach Gross hopes the team will claim Harwood’s second state championship title.