Josh Seckler and Joe Magee receive an award in Management
Decision Making at a recent FBLA conference in Burlington.
Photos courtesy of Harwood Union

On Thursday and Friday, March 29 and 30, Harwood Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended the Vermont FBLA spring conference at the Sheraton in South Burlington. FBLA chapters from schools all around Vermont participated in the two-day event in which they competed in events and made new friends. Also while attending the conference, students listened to motivational speaker Quentin Whitehead, a bestselling author whose main theme is “It's Possible.”

"Whitehead is someone that I am now looking into getting to come and speak at Harwood during one of our morning assemblies. Prior to attending the conference, students chose tests that they took either individually or with a team member. Some of these tests correlated with the events at the conference that students participated in. The tests included subjects like Accounting, Management Decision Making, Marketing, and Sports Management," said Harwood Union FBLA member Joe Magee.

Three Harwood students attended the conference: Gianna Dejong-Kaiser, Josh Seckler and Joe Magee. For each competition, the top five students received certificates while the top three students received certificates, plaques and a cash prize. Magee placed third in the state for Accounting 1, receiving a cash prize of $50. Seckler and Magee placed third for Management Decision Making and received $25 each. Dejong-Kaiser placed second in FBLA Principles and Procedures, fifth in Help Desk, and fifth in Business Communications. The conference took place during the same time that President Obama was holding a fundraiser in the hotel. The students were able to experience the level of security that is used when the president holds such an event. Upon leaving the conference, students lined the road as the president’s motorcade made its way back to the airport.

“The conference was something that I took very seriously and look forward to attending next year, and I would strongly advise other students to get involved with FBLA. FBLA is something that will give us opportunities that we would not receive otherwise," Magee said.

Students in FBLA are going to be developing contracts for next year’s officers to sign as well as planning a fundraising and community-service project because they hope to attend the National Fall Leadership Conference next year in Charlotte, North Carolina.