Five Harwood Middle School students are celebrating the groundbreaking of Harwood's first disc golf course. Tucker Sargent, Patrick Meany, Zachary Munro, Casey Rothenberg and Grayson Eckroth, all eighth-graders at Harwood Middle School, are the inspiration and force behind this project. They see the course as meeting a need by providing an exciting and healthy recreational activity. The students' goal is to build a first-rate course at Harwood that can be used by the school and the community.

With the assistance of faculty advisors, the students designed, planned and obtained funding for the project. Funding came from a school-based tobacco prevention grant and a service-learning grant. Patrick Meany, eighth-grader, wrote, "Disc golf is one more activity for students to do instead of turning to cigarettes or other forms of drugs."

What is disc golf? Disc golf is a new upcoming sport. The game is played in the same way as traditional golf, except special discs are used instead of golf balls and the hole is replaced by a basket. Disc golf aficionados use a quiver of different sized discs, parallel to the array of clubs found in a typical golf bag. Anyone ready to give it a try just needs to bring discs.

The Harwood nine-hole disc course is a public course for students and adults of all ages and athletic abilities. To access the course, players can come to the lower parking lot and look for the signs on the upper right corner of the soccer field.  
For more information about the Harwood's Disc Golf Course project, contact Jodie Curran at 882-1147, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..