Fayston Elementary School students, Mrs. Clements and Open Hearth program director Deb Orr have been very busy at Fayston Elementary after-school program. Aside from making witch's soup, spooky ghosts, haunted houses and scary masks, members began the first of many guest appearances as part of the Community OHAF Mentoring Program. 

Gerry Nooney, chef at Timbers Restaurant at Sugarbush, joined the students to help create a special snack last week. As Nooney made a snack for the kids, he talked to the children about health, nutrition and physical fitness. Nooney, being a big Red Sox fan, kept the children in lively conversations about the Red Sox and told many jokes as well.  

Nooney cooked what kids described as the "best grilled cheese sandwich in world." This grilled cheese was made from enriched whole wheat bread, Vermont cheddar cheese and French apple marmalade. Abby Scharges asked Nooney to teach her mother how to make it. Everyone asked for seconds. Parker Sheinfeld, Kyle Jasinski and Cameron Andrews asked for thirds. Mrs. Clements asked for the leftover marmalade.

In early November, local ski-writer and photographer John Atkinson will be joining students for some creative writing and photography activities. If anyone would like to share a special talent or just come in and lead a fun arts and crafts activity, please do so. No special talent is necessary, just a desire to do a fun project with a multi-age group of great kids.

The after school program is filling quickly, but there are a few openings. Students from all over the Valley are welcome to participate. Open Hearth at the Fayston School is an after-school program where school-age children continue to practice their social skills learned in their regular classes. These skills are reinforced through the Responsive Classroom philosophy and make for meaningful learning, discussions and play.  

For more information, contact the director at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.