By Siemen Smidt, Fayston Elementary School grade six

We went to the Warren Airport at seven o'clock in the morning. When we got there we saw the helicopter. Ed Dooley, who does documentaries, wasn't there. So, we talked to the pilot for about five minutes. He said we had some other people coming with us. 

The people who were coming with us arrived. So, we got in the helicopter. There were two seats facing the front and two seats facing the back. The seats were made out of leather and were very comfy. My mother got to sit in the front in the co-pilot's seat. My dad and I sat in the seats facing the front. The pilot shut the doors. It took about two minutes to take off. That morning it was very foggy and looked like an ocean when we took off. We flew over the ridge of Sugarbush South. Then we flew past Sugarbush North. There was so much fog we couldn't tell where the roads were and everything. Then my mom saw the parking lot of Fayston School but no Fayston School! We kept looking and looking but then we noticed there was the Battleground Resort.

So, we turned around. My mom saw our pool and then our house. Then we saw the school. It looks funny in the air. We took some pictures and went back to the airport. When we got back to the airport we did an 80 miles per hour fly by. That was fun!

In the end it was FUN!