November 16, 2006

By Charlie Brown

Brian Wagner, the coach of the Harwood Wrestling team, started wrestling at Middlebury High School in the 90-pound weight limit. He eventually worked his way up to 126 pounds before finishing his career at Middlebury High. He then went to Kent State, wrestled for one more year, then retired to concentrate on his schoolwork. However, he never lost his desire for wrestling, and so here he is back as wrestling coach at Harwood.

The job is not an easy one, as nowadays most kids don't want to put the time and effort into what it takes to become a proficient wrestler. So Harwood has six guys on their team to compete in 14 weight classes that range from 103 to 280 pounds.

"It's not something you learn in one season, there are so many holds and strategies," says Coach Wagner, "it's a long process." However, the kids are hard working and have a good work ethic. Yes they are a little short of teammates but long on desire. Captains Lucas Weston and Scott Eamons lead this year's team. Not only do they lead the team through warm-up drills, but they also try to corral some "hungry looking guys" from Harwood to join the team.

The team participates in 14 dual meets and 7 different tournaments this year. Their season runs from November and lasts through February. They will open December 4 in Vergennes, then home against Spaulding and Vergennes on December 13. On December 9 they will participate in a tournament at St. Johnsbury with teams from New Hampshire, New York and Maine. During the season the team will travel to New York, Massachusetts and other New England states, so even if you don't like to wrestle, you get to go on some pretty decent trips.

Go get 'em Harwood, for Conner Keating who finished runner up for state champion three years in a row... just do it!
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