Last weekend, February 17 and 18, GMVS's Nordic team competed in the Eastern Cup finals held in Hanover and Holderness, NH. These races feature the top racers of the east and determine what skiers will represent the New England region at Junior Nationals. GMVS qualified all six of their boys and Kristin Halverson was named first alternate for the girls' team.

Saturday was an individual start skate race on Hanover's Oak Hill. Peter Kling led the team over the soft snow with a 14th place finish in the men's race. Less than 15 seconds behind, Noah Brautigam and Travis Mann-Gow, placed 18th and 21st. Max Robillard finished 30th. The J2 boys, David Sinclair and Preston Butler, continue to place strong results, finishing 5th and 7th. The older boys skied 10km, while the younger boys and the women skied 5km on a demanding course. Kristen Halverson placed 8th in the J2 race while Sarah Moore was the 25th J1 girl.
Sunday's classic race was held on wooded trails at the Holderness School campus. The J2 boys had their best finish of the season with Preston winning and David placing third. The older boys had great results too. Noah Brautigam continues to move up the page in 11th. Peter was 11 seconds back in 15th. Max secured his trip to Junior Nationals with a 17th place finish. Travis placed 29th in his first classic race since last month. Kristen was sixth in a tight J2 girls' race. Sarah Moore continues to ski well in classic, taking 27th in the women's race.

Hans Halverson finishes his winter term experience with GMVS with two victories in the Bill Koch races held at the same venues as the Eastern Cup's. Hans will join his younger sister next weekend for North American Midget Championships in Quebec and the BKL New England Festival at Trapp Family Lodge March 3 and 4.

The boys' team will compete at Junior Nationals in Soldier Hollow, Utah, the second week of March. Kristin Halverson will represent GMVS at the New England J2 Festival and Eastern High School Championships, also in March. Sarah Moore will return home to Quebec to attend several Canadian races during this time.