By Charlie Brown

Keith Munroe, president of the Valley Little League, announced a stellar day of activities to get the season underway this Saturday, May 5. The annual Little League Parade will start from The Big Picture Theatre, turn left on Route 100 (where traffic will be halted by state and local police), then right onto Couples field. The parade will be led by fire trucks from the three local towns (sirens ablazing) and the Mad River Ambulance. Approximately 14 teams will follow, led by their coaches and followed by their parents and perhaps a stray dog or two. 

Once everyone is assembled at the field, opening ceremonies will begin. A special guest speaker will precede opening comments by Keith Monroe. Adults and kids will recite the Little League Pledge and everyone will join in on the singing of the National Anthem. John Egan will say a few words about sportsmanship and a secret special guest will appear. (Guaranteed the kids will love this one.) Next there will be a photo session with teams and individual players saying "cheese" for the camera. Finally the umpire will cry out "Play ball," and the teams will play two three-inning games to get the season underway.

As you can imagine, practice for each team has been minimal as the weather has wreaked havoc on all the outdoor facilities. Undismayed by this, the Giants' coach Rick Lee held an informal workout at the Warren Field last Sunday. Six of his 12 players showed up and in between brief showers that didn't seem to bother the players in the least, got to get the rust out of their bodies. Rick took to the mound, one player at bat and the rest in the field. The kids had a blast, running, throwing and getting their bodies accustomed to the rigors of baseball. Why, one kid was even playing with a cast on his leg, and it didn't seem to hamper him in the least. In fact at one point I noticed him trying to scale a fence, which bordered the field. Kids -- give them a ball and a bat and they'll figure out the rest.

Come on down and catch the action. Don't forget the Bottle Drive, May 12, at Armstrong's. For further information call Keith Munroe, 496-2214, or Brad Belknap, 496-5937.


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