With the Harwood Union High School girls' track team showing the way, the Highlanders easily won a track meet Tuesday, May 22, with eight other teams for the girls and seven teams for the boys. The Harwood teams hosted the meet on Tuesday, May 22, at their home track in Duxbury. 

The girls amassed a total of 184 points against Missisquoi Valley Union High School with 93 points, U-32 with 63, Mt. Abraham tied with 63, Middlebury with 48, Northfield with 44, Green Mountain Valley School with 14, and Randolph Union High School with just 7 points. The girls' team participated in 17 events for the track meet.

In the men's events, also with 17 events, it was U-32 in first place with 131 points followed by Harwood Union with 127 points. Missisquoi Valley had 84 points, followed by Mt. Abraham with 83 and Middlebury with 80 points. Northfield High School had seven points, with Randolph with four.

Individual results from many of the events follow.
                                             Girls' track results

In the girls' 100-meter dash it was all Harwood with first place honors going to Kelsey Croix and second place taken by Paige Cleary. In the 200-meter dash it was Kelsey LaCroix again winning first place. Paige Cleary this time came in fifth. In the 400-meter dash Green Mountain Valley School gained its only points of the meet with a second place going to Zoe Livingston to gain eight points and third spot going to Jackie Myer giving GMVS six points for a total for the meet of 14 points.

In the 800-meter run, Katie Raymond finished in second place with Caroline Gilbert in ninth for Harwood.  In the 1500-meter run, Caroline Gilbert moved up to fourth position. In the 3000-meter run first place honors went to Harwood's Annie Mendes with fourth place taken by her teammate Hannah Mavin.

                                            In the hurdles

In the 100-meter hurdles it was all Harwood with the top three places going to the Highlanders. Ally Bataille was in first, Cecilia Scribner in second and Paige Cleary taking third. In the 300-meter hurdles it was Harwood's Ally Bataille in first again.

In the girls 4x100-meter relay Harwood finished first again made up of the team of Paige Cleary, Ally Bataille, Katie Raymond, Kelsey LaCroix, and Brooke Collins. In the 4x400-meter relay in was Harwood again with several familiar names: Katie Raymond, Caroline Gilbert, Ally Bataille, Jillian Mendes, Hannah Mavin and Jess Farr.

                                              Girls' field events

Cecilia Scribner placed third in the high jump. In the triple jump Scribner came in second. In the shot put the Harwood girls finished first, second, and fourth. The points were contributed by Kelley Foster, Kayla Dillon, and Kacey Kerrigan in that order.

In the discus throw in was all Harwood once again. First place honors were won by Kelley Foster, second by Heather Cutler, third by Katy Wilder and in fourth for the all Harwood win it was Kacey Kerrigan. In the javelin throw Katy Wilder had a second place finish for the Highlanders.

The Harwood girls' track team easily racked up a total of 184 points for the track meet to gain a first place victory over the other seven teams that participated in the meet.

                                            Harwood boys' events

In the boys' 200-meter dash Thomas J. Moore scored the Highlanders's first points with a second place finish in this dash. In the 800-meter run Eamon Welter placed second with Ben Horn in fourth place for the Highlanders.

The boys' 1500-meter run Eamon Welter added two points for Harwood with his fifth place finish. In the 3000-meter run points were contributed by Danny Kuzio and Caleb Kernan for their fourth and fifth place finishes for the home team. Zach Pfister took first place honors for Harwood in the 100-meter hurdles and returned for the 300-meter hurdles to captured second place for Harwood.

                                               Boys' relays

Harwood placed second in the 4x100-meter relay with a team made up of Ethan Jones, Dylan Peterson, Thomas J. Moore, Trevor Cook, Chris J. Moore and Chris Camp.

The Harwood runners took first place in the 4x400-meter relay with a team made up of Eamon Welter, Ethan Jones, Trevor Cook and Ben Horn. In the 4x800-meter relay, the Highlanders came in second with Sam McCausland, Tim Shepard, Nick Wisniewski and Colton Crowley.
                                              Boys' field events

Harwood gained a second place in the high jump by Thomas J. Moore and fifth place by Ben Horn.

In the boys' long jump, Thomas J. Moore place third. The triple jump saw Zach Pfister in fifth and Chris Camp in seventh.

In the shot put Harwood had four teammates gain some points with T.J. Wagner in third, Joe Smoes in fourth, Adam Fuller in fifth and Chris Abbott-Koch in sixth place. In the discus throw Adam Fuller gained third place honors.

The javelin throw had second and third taken by Harwood with Chris Abbott-Koch getting eight points for second and teammate Joe Simoes scoring six points for third.

The total points scored by the boys of Harwood Union High School was 127 points enough for a second place finish in the meet.