This summer, American Ramp Company (ARC) is traveling to cities and towns across the country, including Waitsfield, to set up a complete skateboard park so that local riders can experience ARC equipment firsthand.  

Open Hearth is bringing the skate park demo tour to Waitsfield on Sunday, July 20. The event, which is scheduled from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Waitsfield Elementary School parking lot, will feature ramps and equipment planned for Open Hearth's skate and bike park facility in Irasville.

Open Hearth has been working for several years to site and develop a centrally located skateboard park for Mad River Valley youth. "This event is an important step in our planning to demonstrate the quality of the skateboard park features," said Annmarie Harmon, event organizer and parent of several skateboard enthusiasts.  

While Open Hearth has raised the majority of funds required to develop a skate and bike park in the Irasville area, the community organization is still working to identify the most suitable location. The project was recently delayed due to concerns about locating the facility in Winter Park.  

"Our intention is to secure the best location for this important recreational facility in the coming year," states Brian Degen, president of Open Hearth. He adds, "Despite setbacks, there continues to be strong support for the project. The skate and ride demonstration event on Sunday allows us to showcase the facility's potential to the community."

During the demonstration, ARC will provide music, run contests, and give away prizes.  Participants are required to wear a helmet. ARC will have helmets available for use at the demonstration. Waivers are also required.  

Open Hearth will be promoting the event this Saturday, July 19, at the Waitsfield Farmers' Market. For children who wish to participate but whose parents will not be present at the demo event, Open Hearth will have a Notary Public available at the Farmers' Market booth to notarize waivers.

All are encouraged to come out and try the new equipment or just watch and show support for the development of this important community recreational facility. The event is free of charge.  

Open hearth is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to developing multi-generational programs and recreational facilities in the Mad River Valley.