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Nolan Kasper of WarrenTwenty-year-old Nolan Kasper of Warren continues to ski well on the world stage; he took second place in the NorAm Cup slalom race on January 5 at Sunday River in Maine.

"Today was a good day. The snow was a lot firmer than yesterday and it wasn't windy, so the race was up higher on the more difficult terrain, which I like better," said Kasper. "It was just more fun to ski that and to do well today was awesome," he continued.

The U.S. had four other racers make their way into the top 15. William Ford (Holderness, NH), Ben Brown (Dillon, CO), Jared Goldberg (Salt Lake City, UT) and Erik Gilbert (Richmond, VT), respectively, finished 9th, 10th, 12th, and 15th.

Tuesday completed the final day of slalom at Sunday River. Wednesday will kick off the first of two GS races.

"It's nice to be skiing well. Obviously slalom and GS are completely different, but it definitely helps to be skiing well going into any race," said Kasper.

U.S. Ski Team's C team approaches. Kasper qualified for U.S. Ski Team's C team after capturing third-place in the slalom in the Junior World Ski Championships held last March in Germany.

Kasper deferred from Dartmouth College last year but says he hopes to matriculate in the springtime. When he's not ski racing, Kasper enjoys playing all sorts of sports and getting outside. In addition, Kasper said he designs and paints his own helmets.