The Harwood Union High School track team secured the Division II state championships last Saturday, June 4, at Windsor High School. The Harwood boys ended the day with 102 total team points over the U-32 team with 98 points; the girls secured the win with 84.75 points over U-32 with 69 points.


Harwood athletic director Sue Duprat said, “Congrats to Taggert Haslam, John Kerrigan, Tom Strasser, Eric Eley and the track and field teams for an amazing and exiting performance Saturday!”

Harwood will be sending athletes to the New England track and field championships on Saturday, June 11, at Burlington High School.

On Friday, the Harwood boys’ tennis team lost in the quarterfinal to Division I team Essex and will not advance. The boys’ lacrosse team lost at Lamoille and on Saturday the girls’ lacrosse team lost at BFA St. Albans.