Village Grocery owner Troy Kingsbury reports that 13 deer have been reported during archery season at the VG weigh-in station. “Weather, with the rain and wind as well as the after effects of the cleanup of Hurricane Irene, might have something to do with these low numbers,” Kingsbury said.


Brett Perry from Waterbury reported the largest deer so far, a five-point buck that weighed in at 160 pounds fully dressed. Rodney Noack of Waitsfield harvested a 116-pound doe from Roxbury, Hugh Delibac of Colchester bagged a 138-pound doe from Waitsfield and Chad Borofsky took a 124-pound doe in Fayston. 

Ashley Fitzgerald of Warren took a five-point buck that weighed in at 130 pounds, also from Warren. Dale Manning from North Fayston harvested a 125-pound doe also from North Fayston. Tony Long of Tucker Hill Road in Fayston took home a 134-pound doe from Fayston.