Varsity girls’ lacrosse


The varsity girls’ lacrosse team has already played three games this season and won two of them. First they played U-32 and won 17-13. Chelsea Stanclift and Taylor Yandow were the top scorers with five goals each and goalie Emma Cummings saved an amazing 15 shots. The team started behind in the score but put in the effort and took the lead, a great experience for several first-time players.


The next day they played Rice, and Stanclift was again the top scorer with four goals. Despite Cummings’ 25 shots saved, Rice managed to gain the victory, 18-9. On Monday, they played Spaulding, and Yandow was the top scorer with five goals. The remaining 13 goals were spread fairly evenly among other teammates, and Cummings kept up her remarkable saving skills. The team’s defense came together very well and aided the final victory, 18-11.


Varsity boys’ lacrosse


The varsity boys’ lacrosse team played first at Mt. Abe and, overall, it was a fairly typical first game. Some things went well, some did not and the game picked up more after a somewhat slow first half. Eventually, the things that went well for Harwood outweighed the things that did not and they took the win 10-3. Most recently they played Colchester and played an extremely defensive game for the first half. At halftime, they were down 1-3. In the second half they settled into the game and improved their offense with Eamon Lyons and Kaile Dailey scoring five and four goals, respectively. They kept their heads up after a tough first half and went on to win 11-4.


JV baseball


Harwood’s JV baseball team played their first game on Friday, April 13, against Colchester. John Davis had the team’s first hit and drove in the first run as well. Pitcher Dylan Bailey and center fielder Adam Lamson, along with the rest of the team, played the best they could, but an inside-the-park home run by Colchester in the sixth inning put the game out of reach for Harwood. Colchester took the win 12-9. On Monday, Harwood took on Mt. Abraham. Riley Abair and Peter Tempesta both had two hits and a key play was Abair’s triple followed by Robert Danaher’s double. This play took Harwood to a 10-7 lead. Eventually they won 13-9.


Varsity baseball


The varsity baseball team played their first game against Montpelier and won 14-0. Tyler Atwood and Luke Russell pitched the game, striking out 15 players combined. David DeFreest had a triple and Dominic Moreno, Matt Fischer and Luke Russell all had doubles. That first game was error-free. Their second game against Colchester was the complete opposite of the first. Their pitcher struck out 13 players, didn’t walk anyone and allowed only one hit. There were a few errors on Harwood’s part, but they also had some great defense in the outfield by Dylan MacIsaac and David DeFreest. Colchester simply came to the game with more power and took the win 13-0.


JV softball


The JV softball team played their first game against Oxbow and the players were very solid, allowing only four fielding errors. Six players had multiple hits, Sammi Stolar (4) and Peyton Burr (3) with the most. The team played well overall and earned a win 17-7. Their second game was against Colchester and they played a very good defensive game. Stolar, the starting pitcher, allowed just one hit and struck out 13 players. The team put the ball in play as often as possible and took advantage of every offensive play they could. The final score was 18-5, Harwood. Their most recent game was a close one against Mt. Abe. It started out slow for Harwood and by the end of the fourth inning the score was 11-4 against them. They weren’t as focused and so after the fourth inning, they knew they had to find extra energy somewhere within. They regrouped and scored seven more runs in the next three innings. However, Mt. Abe managed to gain one more run as well and won the game 12-11. So far coaches Carmen Schoolcraft and Kristina Kingsbury are very happy with how the team is playing and improving.


Varsity softball


The varsity softball team has played just one game so far, against Colchester. Technically Harwood was the home team, but they had to use Colchester’s field because Irene destroyed Harwood’s last summer. Haley Spittle had two hits including a double and Allison Lamson also had two hits. Colchester walked away with the win, 6-4.