“We’ve probably had 50 offers from people to foster dogs right now,” said Carole Moore of For the Love of Dogs Vermont, a Waitsfield-based dog rescue.

“And right now, I think all of the dogs we had for adoption have been adopted or applied for,” she added, noting that there were currently no dogs needing fostering.

“Three weeks ago we had 10 dogs. In the last two weeks, we’ve pulled at least another 30 and they are almost all adopted.  I know we have applications on every single one of them. When they’re going to be able to get to their owners we don’t know,” she said. 

Moore and her fellow volunteers at For the Love of Dogs Vermont are working with other rescue organizations, including K.C. Bully Rescue in East Calais on supplying more dogs to be fostered.  Moore is currently fostering a dog from K.C. Bully Rescue named Lily who is 9 years old and has won her heart. 

“It’s nice to know that during situations like these, that people want to help and that they want to help by fostering a dog. Right now, we’re asking that foster families be able to commit to fostering through July,” Moore. 

People who can’t feed their animals can reach out to Pawsitive Pantry and Vermont Food Bank at Evergreen Place and the PAWsitive Pantry website: www.PawsitivePantry.org. During the COVID-19 outbreak PAWSitive Pantry has received increased requests for support. They have been working collaboratively with the Vermont Foodbank to increase the amount of pet food being delivered to local food shelves to ensure no pet is left behind. PAWSitive Pantry is partnering with VDART (Vermont Disaster Animal Response Team) and the Vermont Federation of Humane Societies to work collaboratively to get services and supplies where they are needed. For more information about PAWSitive Pantry go to: www.PawsitivePantry.org.


While many would-be foster families could not make that time commitment, Moore said that it was nice to know so many people wanted to help. 

“Having all these foster applications come in was very heartwarming. We appreciate that people want to help,” she said. 

In terms of adoptions, the local rescue has been very busy. 

“We’ve been very busy. It’s puppy season. Puppies are being born in the south left and right and every single day I get pictures of puppies living in the back of a pickup truck,” she said.

There’s one shelter in South Carolina that we worked with who had prison inmates coming daily to clean kennels and walk the dogs. The inmate program was shut down last week and she got a desperate call from the shelter hoping For the Love of Dogs Vermont could take some of those dogs.

Carole Moore's foster dog Lily
Carole Moore's foster dog Lily

As for her foster Lily, Moore said she hasn’t been spayed and had all kinds of senior lumps and bumps which local vet Roy Hadden removed. 

“She’s looking for a home. She will make someone so happy. I want to know who adopts her if it’s not my husband and I,” she said.

Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Moore said, “We’re still actively doing our work.” 

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