Staying connected

Recipe for Heartbreak

Take a pinch of fondness and put it in a large dish.
Along with that, add in some feelings.
Once both of those are in the bowl,
Make sure to stir with care
Until the mixture is well combined.
You have finished the first part of the recipe.
Now for the second step.
Mix confession into the dish.
From there, make sure to add unrequited feelings.

Stir vigorously until most of the batter spills onto the floor.
Leave the mess.

You won’t use any that’s on the floor,
But you don’t have any extra energy left in the cupboard to try.

With the remaining mix,
Add a few regrets,
Along with some wishful thoughts.
Stir carefully one more time,
and then
Just let it sit in the back of your fridge for a few months,
Just long enough
to almost forget about it.

By Madeline Fitzpatrick


I used to house white clouds,

But now I’m home to billions of stars.

I used to blind you from light,

But now I cover your eyes in darkness.

I used to be busy with life,

But now I am silent and still.

I used to cast shadows,

But now I am one.

I used to give you the gift of illumination,

But now you have to find it.

By Madeline Fitzpatrick




Soft, gentle mentality.
Caring friend,
Loyal companion.
Wondering adventurer.

Wagging tail and,
Slobbery kisses
A little mischief
And a lot of love

They leave a permanent
Memory in your brain
For when you’ve had 
An awful day.

By Colby Kathan


A Recipe for Fun 

Take a heaping cup of friends

And a warm sunny day

Mix it with adventure 

And no responsibilities

Add a sprinkle of danger

And a little bit of unknown

Throw in some laughter 

And let rise

Serve it up in the outdoors

With plenty of time

And no worries.

By Tyler Gaidys



Don’t open lids if your hands are sticky

Don’t drop your phone in the bowl of cereal that you’re eating in front of you

Roll up your sleeves before you wash your hands

Don’t touch anything if your hands are really dirty

Don’t spill syrup anywhere

Pour the cereal in before the milk

Always eat cereal with milk

Take a shower if you stink

If you stay up till 3 am at a sleepover you get really thirsty

If you live alone then don’t waste money in buying a lot of glasses, just drink from the container

By Ryan Bigelow


Sudden Panic

It really is awful when

A teacher asks a question when I haven’t raised my hand

And I know the answer

But I stutter over words and my throat catches.

And I feel all eyes on me, 

And my face feels hot

And suddenly I’m miles away from the conversation

I can hear myself say something

And everyone agrees

But I still feel tears in my eyes.

And for no reason

My hands are still shaking all through the next class

And I still feel embarrassed that I reacted like that

Even though I knew the answer.

By Madeline Fitzpatrick





Clusters of light.

Open skies.

Night breeze.


Twinkling gleefully,

Each a work of art.

Linked together.

Light creatures,

All galloping

Through the sky,

Inspired by


Nights like this

By Madeline Fitzpatrick