Chris Myers and his winning banner.

Fayston artist Chris Myers has been “putting ink on stuff” since the mid 1990s. He began creating T-shirts and album covers for his band and discovered a passion for screen printing. That spirit later became a business focus when he moved to Vermont 15 years ago and started his company, Remote Screen Printing.

On a whim, Myers decided to enter the Valley Arts Banner Competition in August. The challenge was to create a design that expressed the connection between art and community. Chris’s design, entitled “You and Me Together, garnered the top prize. The graphic composition on a vibrant background depicts the words “You” and “Me” advancing towards “US.”


“When contemplating the subject of the banner competition -- community and connection -- I had to look no further than my computer screen to see the divisions within our country and the world,” Myers said. “It seems to be mostly people talking about 'us against them' and things pertaining to 'me or you', so it was pretty simple to conclude that to diminish this unnecessary division we just need to bring the 'me and you' together to make one ‘US.’”

“You and Me Together” is now displayed on the goal posts at the intersection of Main Street and Slow Road in Waitsfield. The second prize went to Betty Ann Libby for “Hello Earth -- Aerial View of The Valley,” inspired by a drone photo by Sandy Macys. It will be displayed in the Valley Arts’ Festival Gallery through December 18.