June Anderson stands next to one of the e-bikes the Mad River Valley Recreation District and Local Motion made available in The Valley to try. Photo: LIsa Loomis

Waitsfield resident June Anderson is one of the local folks who was able to reserve and try one of the E-bikes that the Mad River Valley Recreation District brought to town last week. The bikes were loaned to the rec district by Local Motion and were available for folks to reserve for a couple of days to try.


Anderson who lives high up on Bundy Road and works in town picked up her bike at the Mad River Valley Chamber office last week and stopped by The Valley Reporter shortly thereafter.

Her initial reaction was that it was heavy – and it looked it. It also had what might be a back seat so that riders could ferry other people around. The Valley Reporter decided to check in with her after she’d had the bike and ridden it for a few days.

Anderson said she’d ridden the bike all over the place, including up and down Bundy Road.

“That thing is powerful! It had plenty of power to take all the hills. I was talking with people last night about how it’s the perfect vehicle for summer in Vermont for people who live and work in town. It’s totally easy to get simple local errands done without getting in the car,” Anderson reported.

“I would not get the cargo bike if I purchased because it was too heavy to get over curbs, etc. which sometimes needs to be done,” she clarified.

“I would get a E mountain bike in order to enjoy the dirt roads. I don’t think I would use an E-mountain bike on the trails, not that they are fully allowed anywhere which is another topic, because at the point I would need the extra power on the trails I will probably be too old to be on the trails on a bike! Or the bike would take me to trails I don’t have the skills for, but that’s just me,” she added.